01-The Beginning

I have always been a collector.  Coins, stamps, books, you name it.  There’s nothing like having a complete set of something!  Fortunately, the addiction wasn’t so bad that I would be considered a hoarder.  Instead some collections have flowered while others have withered.  And that is for the best.

Over the last few years I’ve become a national park collector.  I love them – big, small, famous, obscure, nearby, remote – as long as they are a national park.  To me a vacation starts with “What parks shall I visit?” then “What city do I have to fly into to get there?”  I guess for most folks it’s the other way around.

But that’s not the purpose of this blog.  It’s to tell a story, a story that takes place here in my home state of New Hampshire.  I read the other day that for $85 the state will issue me a special license plate that gives me free admission to all the state parks for a year.  I’ve never seen anyone else with this license plate.  In fact, they just began issuing them a few months ago.  That made it all the more attractive to me.  So an idea was hatched.

When my current license expires in two months, I’m getting myself one of those plates!  And then I’m going to visit every one of the New Hampshire state parks, big and small, famous and obscure, nearby and remote.  Why?  Because to me it sure sounds like a fun way to spend my spare time.  And I’m going to write about my experiences here, for no one in particular but myself.  I won’t bring anything back that will take up room on my shelves or require dusting.  I’ll bring back images and memories, and this blog will be my collection.


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