03-I’ve Never Done That Before!

OK, it’s time to make this happen.  Getting the jump on the normal renewal process, I visited my town office today to sign up for my state park plates.  Sharon, our helpful town clerk, said it was a week early but it was OK to do anyway.

“You want what?  The Moose plate?”  (That’s the conservation plate that’s been out for many years.)

“No the State Park plate.”

“Oh, I’ve never done that before.  Let me call someone…”

A few weeks ago I had to renew my driver’s license too, so I asked at the regional office just how many folks order this new license plate.  “Not many up here, but I think they’re more popular in the southern part of the state.”  To date I haven’t seen one anywhere in the state.  Now I was definitely going to be the first in my town to have one.  Funny, but that makes it all the more fun to own…

“It’ll cost you $85 plus the cost for the plate.”

“Thanks, I’ll take it anyway.  I just gotta be me.”

“Are you a hiker?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

So 10 minutes later I walked out with my temporary plate in hand.  There’s no turning back now.


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