21-A Room With A View – Milan Hill SP

Milan Hill is one of the smallest state parks but it still has much to offer.

This is a small park but worthwhile.

The park is basically a hilltop with a fire tower and a small primitive campground.  The views are wonderful, although it had rained earlier the day I visited and it was still pretty misty.  I’d love to return on a clear day.

Cloudy view from the fire tower right in the park – with no hike whatsoever!

A yurt with a view.

Although the campground might be primitive, it features 4 yurts that can be rented.  A yurt is basically a cross between a cabin and a tent.  Here’s a look inside:

The yurts look pretty comfy inside.

Some yurts are even handicap-accessible.

So I’ll be going back sometime soon I hope.   Happy travels!

By the way, a local x-country ski club has teamed up with Milan Hill and is developing a network of trails all around the park.  Although the campground and the yurts aren’t open in the winter, it’s still another reason to visit.


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