23-Base Camp – Lake Francis SP

Lake Francis State Park should probably not be thought of as a destination in itself.  However it is a great location for a base camp to explore this interesting region at the tip of the state.I didn’t actually spend long at this park.  After checking out the campground and swimming area I took a half-mile hike up the Connecticut River (it’s getting pretty narrow at this point) from the campground.  Then I left to explore the area.

The water level was very low this year but that didn’t stop folks from enjoying a dip in Lake Francis.

The campground looks inviting.

It was a hot Sunday in August and it was even hot here in the Great North Woods.  So I headed for two nearby hikes.  A visit to some of the nearby waterfalls might have been in order but the water level was so low this year that they didn’t seem promising.  Instead, I first climbed Mt. Magalloway to the fire tower, hoping to catch a breeze.  The hike was short and steep but there wasn’t much of a breeze, even on the fire tower.  So after cooling down in the air-conditioned car, I headed to the Canadian border to check out the Nature Conservancy’s 4th Connecticut Lake Preserve.

The trail to 4th Connecticut Lake starts by going between the US and Canadian customs stations and follows the border for about a half-mile.

This trail cracks me up; it literally follows the border for a half-mile or so before dipping back into NH to the preserve.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go through customs or even have your passport with you.  Parking is right across from the US customs.  Then you just follow the signs.

On the trail to 4th Connecticut Lake. Oops I’m standing on the wrong side of the border!

My only regret was that I couldn’t stay in the area long enough to even see a moose, which should have been pretty easy even on this hot day if I had stayed until dusk.  But I didn’t have the time this time.  Hopefully you will when you get into this fascinating and less well known area.  Happy travels!

It was a good day for wildflowers.






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