26-Small But Sweet – Wentworth SP

Wentworth State Park is small – just a short stretch of beach on a big lake.  Like Ellacoya State Park though, it seems much more inviting than some of the other state beaches, maybe because the larger lake means private homes are much further away.  Because it was manned, the beach was clean and attractive.  For a Labor Day weekend it was surprisingly quiet.

Wentworth Lake is pretty large, but still seems uncrowded.

Wentworth Lake is named after New Hampshire’s last royal governor, John Wentworth, who deeded himself a huge tract of land near here in order to build himself a large estate.  The remains of the estate are found at the Governor Wentworth State Historic Site just down the road.  However, Governor Wentworth was run out of the colony on the eve of the Revolution and his estate quickly fell into ruin, finally burning to the ground in 1820.  All that remains to be seen is the immense cellar hole and well where the house once stood.

Governor Wentworth State Historic Site: little more than a plaque and a cellar hole.

So stick to the beach.  There’s really nothing else to be found here but the beach, picnic tables, and playground.  No trails, no mountains, no boat rentals, no waterfalls.  But you’ll still have a nice time.  If you’re looking for something more active, just down the road is a nice rail trail that is popular for biking.  Since nearby road traffic is light, this could be a good base for more extensive biking, too.  Happy travels!

Everything’s right on the lake.

The park is clean and well-kept.


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