28-This Sweet Mountain – Mt. Washington SP

Words fail to describe Mt. Washington.  Although I’ve visited 3-4 times before, this time was special.  It was late in the day on Labor Day and the notoriously fickle weather cleared up just in time for a real spectacle.  Here are some photos of the experience:

Starting up the mountain on the auto road.

I love how the trees here can only manage to grow branches downwind. These little guys are probably decades old, yet just a few feet high.

Cairns mark the trail for when the weather is uncooperative, which for this mountain is most of the time.

View towards the Alpine Garden, on the flank of the mountain above the tree line. I hope the weather is as nice when I get back to hike here.

The visitor center. When the weather is bad you’re grateful to be inside. Today it didn’t matter at all.

The restored Tip Top House, once a hotel at the summit.

From the summit towards (left to right) Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Madison, with the cog railway in the foreground.

The Crawford Path has carried hikers to the summit for over 150 years and the rocks show the wear.

Looking down toward the AMC’s Lake of the Clouds mountain hut.

Appalachian Trail through-hikers are always grateful for a lift. Here are three with their dog Milo, who have all spent 5 months on the trail already and still have another month to go.

We stayed as long as we could, with the Mt. Washington Auto Road closing at 6:45.  We even ferried 3 grateful Appalachian Trail through-hikers and their dog Milo down the mountain so they could spend the night and replenish their supplies in Gorham.  As they said, they wanted to stay on “this sweet mountain” as long as they possibly could.

“This Sweet Mountain”

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