39-Let it Snow! – Coleman SP

Winter had just arrived the day I visited Coleman State Park.

Ice crystals

Other than a lone ATVer, I had the park to myself.

Winter just arriving.

I found nothing about this park online other than a layout of the small campground  so I didn’t know what to expect.  The light snow cover was also surprising since I hadn’t seen any snow yet this year, or even on the drive up here.  But this park is pretty far north and relatively high in elevation so it probably gets lots of snow.  I’m guessing it is a pretty popular park for snowmobiles.

Gentle hills around Little Diamond Pond.

The campground and park office is located on Little Diamond Pond.  From there some trails, mostly woods roads, radiate into the gentle hills that constitute this part of the state.

Recreation building

The Cohos Trail passes through the park (and the campground)

The Cohos Trail, a long-distance hiking trail traversing New Hampshire north of the White Mountains, goes right through the campground on its way north, so I figured that’s as good a trail as any to follow.

The Cohos Trail branching (to the right) off a snowmobile trail.

Hiking solo on the first day of hunting season is probably not a real good idea, even if I was wearing bright red, so I cut the hike short after a mile or so.  This park is pretty remote so I’m sure it’s peaceful just about any time of year.  Happy travels!

November sun…

…brings promise of summers yet to come.

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