Ice Gulch

Ice Gulch is a boulder-filled ravine north of Mt. Washington that is one of the most interesting and rugged hikes in the state.  Because of the size of the boulders, hiking is nearly impossible for small children or dogs.  But if your legs are long and you’re willing to clamber, you’ll be in for a treat.  NH’s biodiversity site has a nice trail brochure that tells more about the unusual flora you’ll see.

Looking up Ice Gulch

Looking up Ice Gulch.  Can you see the trail?

The trail into Ice Gulch is deceptively easy and nearly level.  Then it drops down into the gulch at Peboamauk Falls and the fun begins.  Here are some photos of some of the cool stuff you’ll see:

Peboamauk Fall or "Winter's Home"

Peboamauk Fall or “Winter’s Home”

DSC04883 DSC04885 DSC04896 DSC04897 DSC04911 DSC04916 DSC04917 DSC04923

DSC04899Then, after you’ve made it through the gulch, here’s the view you’ll be treated to:DSC04926

Happy travels!

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