Behind Lake Tarleton – Piermont

Lyme Cellar Holes

1860 1860

There’s a road that’s been calling my name for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to explore it on a clear, cool, snowless March Saturday – perfect for cellar holing.  It’s the road just above what is labeled as Great Pond in Piermont NH.  Today this is known as Lake Tarleton, named after Colonel William Tarleton, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1791, and whose descendant’s farm is shown next to the lake.  Another blog describes this as the Old Charlestown Road.  The 1860 map shows 3 homesteads (J&J Webster, E Day, and J Goodwin) and the Cross Iron Ore Mine on or near this road.

1928 1928

The 1928 topo shows the road now as a track although it appears that there’s now a dirt road up to the iron mine and a building still near the J & J Webster farm.

So my first…

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