This is the story of a quest to visit every one of New Hampshire’s state parks.  Hopefully this blog can offer some useful insights, to me as well as you.  Thanks for visiting and please send me your comments.  You can see a map of the parks here.


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  1. I read your review of bear brook.I know of 3 cellar holes,2 on hayes farm trail and 1-2 farther up podunk road.Were there others you found? just curious

    • Thanks for your note Chris.

      I can only remember one cellar hole now, on Hayes Farm Trail and the Carr Ridge Trail (I think) and the cemetery on the Salt Lick Trail – it’s been a while. I’ve become a big fan of cellar holes (see my other blog: lymecellarholes) over the past few years so I seem to run into them in just about every park I visit. That’s great that you are finding so many in Bear Brook. You must get there often. Let me know if you plan to go looking for them again. A good guide would be one of the town maps published back in the mid 1800’s, although many farms had already been abandoned by then. I’d love to know more about what you find.

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